Class Three

Support and Comfort for Labor

Support and Comfort for Labor


Walk, Move Around and Change Positions throughout Labor.

Backache in Labor:

Avoid Giving Birth on Your Back & Follow Your Body’s Urge to Push

Using Acupressure in Labor

All about birth balls

Rebozos – how to use in labor

Information for labor/birth pitocin/cord clamping after birth



Class Three: Homework

There will be a homework assignment for each class.  Please do the homework after each class for the next week’s class.
  • Read Section 3 links and PDFs
  • How does the partner know when mom is upset, doesn’t feel well or is in pain? In the past, how has mom handled a bad pain or stressful experience? Does she share what she’s feeling? Does she want to be touched or comforted physically? Is she distracted and focused inward or does she reach out?Each of you read How Well Do You Know Your Body. How Well Do You Know Your Body?Each of you answer; mom for herself, partner for how well he/she knows mom’s body.
    What has the Partner observed about her? Tell us something you discovered…
    How can this help each of you prepare for labor and birth?
  • Try out positions and massage/counter pressure techniques you learned in the 3rd class. PRACTICE!!!!